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title hasFloats
Zig true
Zephir true
YANG true
Xtend true
XQuery true
Whiley true
WebAssembly true
VHDL true
Verilog true
VBScript true
Urbiscript true
Unicon true
Turtle true
Transact-SQL true
TOML true
Thrift true
SystemVerilog true
Swift true
SuperCollider true
Stan true
SquidConf true
Speedie true
SourcePawn true
Shen true
Scilab true
SARL true
RAISE Specification Language true
Reason true
QML true
QBasic true
Python true
Puppet true
Protocol Buffers true
PromQL true
Prolog true
progsbase true
POV-Ray SDL true
PostScript true
Pony true
PL/pgSQL true
Pig Latin true
Perl true
Pawn true
parasail true
Pandas true
OpenEdge ABL true
Opa true
ooc true
GNU Octave true
OCaml true
NumPy true
Nit true
nimrod true
MySQL true
monte true
Monkey true
Modelica true
MiniD true
Maxima true
Mathematica true
Linden Scripting Language true
LiveScript true
LilyPond true
Koka true
Kal true
K true
juttle true
Julia true
Jule true
JS++ true
JSON true
JSLT true
JavaScript true
Java true
janet true
J true
Ion true
Ioke true
Io true
Idris true
IDL true
Icon true
Hy true
HLSL true
Haskell true
GraphQL true
Gosu true
Golo true
Go true
GLSL true
GDScript true
Futhark true
F* true
FloScript true
Flatline true
Fennel true
Felix true
Fancy true
F# true
Erlang true
Elm true
Elixir true
Eiffel true
EDN true
Easytrieve true
Earl Grey true
D true
Cython true
Cryptol true
Croc true
Coq true
CoffeeScript true
ClojureScript true
Clojure true
Chapel true
chaiscript true
Ceylon true
CBOR data definition language true
Boo true
BlitzMax true
BlitzBasic true
bag-format true
awk true
AutoIt true
AutoHotkey true
AspectJ true
Applescript true
AMPL true
AmbientTalk true
Agda true
Ada true
ActionScript true

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