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title hasCaseInsensitiveIdentifiers
Visual Basic true
Visual Basic .NET true
VHDL true
SQL true
SPSS true
Speedie true
SAS true
PostgreSQL true
Pascal true
Nim true
MySQL true
HTML true
Gforth true
Fortran true
Forth true
Eiffel true
Delphi true
CSS true
COBOL true
Batchfile true
BASIC true
AutoHotkey true
Ada true
XQuery false
XML false
TypeScript false
Tcl false
Swift false
SQLite false
Smalltalk false
Scheme false
Scala false
Sage false
Rust false
Ruby false
Reason false
Racket false
R false
Python false
Prolog false
progsbase false
PHP false
Perl false
OCaml false
Objective-C false
Node.js false
Modula-3 false
Modula-2 false
Maple false
Lua false
Lisp false
LaTeX false
Kotlin false
Julia false
JSON false
JavaScript false
Java false
Haskell false
GraphQL false
Go false
F# false
Erlang false
Elm false
Elixir false
Dart false
D false
CUDA false
CoffeeScript false
Clojure false
Chapel false
C3 false
C2 false
C false
Bel false
Arduino Programming Language false
ActionScript false

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