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title hasBinaryNumbers
Zig true
Whiley true
VHDL true
Verilog true
SystemVerilog true
Swift true
Speedie true
Savi true
Reason true
Python true
Prolog true
Perl true
parasail true
Opa true
ooc true
OCaml true
NumPy true
nimrod true
MySQL true
Monkey true
MiniD true
Logtalk true
K true
Julia true
Jule true
JavaScript true
Java true
Isabelle true
Haskell true
Futhark true
F* true
FloScript true
Felix true
F# true
Elixir true
Eiffel true
Earl Grey true
D true
Croc true
Coq true
Chapel true
Ceylon true
CBOR data definition language true
C3 true
BlitzMax true
BlitzBasic true
AspectJ true
progsbase false

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