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title githubLanguage_interpreters githubLanguage
tcsh tcsh csh Tcsh
Tcl tclsh wish Tcl
C tcc C
Prolog swipl yap Prolog
SuperCollider sclang scsynth SuperCollider
Scheme scheme guile bigloo chicken csi gosh r6rs Scheme
Scala scala Scala
Haskell runghc runhaskell runhugs Haskell
E rune E
Ruby ruby macruby rake jruby rbx Ruby
Rexx regina rexx REXX
Racket racket Racket
QMake qmake QMake
Python python python2 python3 Python
PowerShell pwsh PowerShell
Pike pike Pike
PicoLisp picolisp pil PicoLisp
Raku perl6 raku rakudo Raku
Pod perl Pod
PIR parrot Parrot Internal Representation
Parrot Assembly parrot Parrot Assembly
Applescript osascript AppleScript
OpenRC runscript openrc-run OpenRC runscript
OCaml ocaml ocamlrun ocamlscript OCaml
Rescript ocaml ReScript
Nu nush Nu
Nextflow nextflow Nextflow
NewLisp newlisp NewLisp
MoonScript moon MoonScript
Mercury mmi Mercury
Makefile make Makefile
Terra lua Terra
Lua lua Lua
Linden Scripting Language lsl LSL
Common Lisp lisp sbcl ccl clisp ecl Common Lisp
Julia julia Julia
Jolie jolie Jolie
J jconsole J
janet janet Janet
Ioke ioke Ioke
Io io Io
Pascal instantfpc Pascal
Hy hy Hy
sed gsed minised sed ssed sed
Groovy groovy Groovy
Gnuplot gnuplot Gnuplot
GN gn GN
Gerber Image gerbv gerbview Gerber Image
fish fish fish
Fennel fennel Fennel
Euphoria eui euiw Euphoria
Erlang escript Erlang
Elixir elixir Elixir
DTrace dtrace DTrace
TypeScript deno ts-node TypeScript
Dart dart Dart
Dafny dafny Dafny
CWL cwl-runner Common Workflow Language
Crystal crystal Crystal
Perl cperl perl Perl
CoffeeScript coffee CoffeeScript
JavaScript chakra d8 gjs js node nodejs qjs rhino v8 v8-shell JavaScript
SMT boolector cvc4 mathsat5 opensmt smtinterpol smt-rat stp verit yices2 z3 SMT
Boogie boogie Boogie
Clojure bb Clojure
awk awk gawk mawk nawk Awk
Asymptote asy Asymptote
Bash ash bash dash ksh mksh pdksh rc sh zsh Shell
APL apl aplx dyalog APL
R Rscript R

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