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title githubLanguage_group githubLanguage
Eclipse Command Language prolog ECLiPSe
Jison Yacc Jison
Bison Yacc Bison
Apache Maven XML Maven POM
BibTeX TeX BibTeX
STON Smalltalk STON
tcsh Shell Tcsh
OpenRC runscript Shell OpenRC runscript
Gentoo Ebuild Shell Gentoo Ebuild
fish Shell fish
Alpine Abuild Shell Alpine Abuild
PIC Roff Pic
Filterscript RenderScript Filterscript
NumPy Python NumPy
Easybuild Python Easybuild
PIR Parrot Parrot Internal Representation
Parrot Assembly Parrot Parrot Assembly
M4Sugar M4 M4Sugar
Ligo LigoLANG CameLIGO
Jison Lex Lex Jison Lex
JFlex Lex JFlex
JSP Java Java Server Pages
JSON with Comments JSON JSON with Comments
git-config INI Git Config
Literate Haskell Haskell Literate Haskell
Embedded Crystal HTML HTML+ECR
Groovy Server Pages Groovy Groovy Server Pages
Fortran Fortran Fortran
Multi-User Forth Forth MUF
Literate CoffeeScript CoffeeScript Literate CoffeeScript
SugarSS CSS SugarSS
X PixMap C X PixMap
X BitMap C X BitMap
UPC C Unified Parallel C
OpenCL C OpenCL
x86 Assembly Assembly Unix Assembly
AGC Assembly Apollo Guidance Computer
Literate Agda Agda Literate Agda

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