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title githubLanguage_codemirrorMimeType githubLanguage
XSLT text/xml XSLT
XProc text/xml XProc
XPages text/xml XPages
XML text/xml XML
SVG text/xml SVG
Apache Maven text/xml Maven POM
LabVIEW G text/xml LabVIEW
Genshi text/xml Genshi
Eagle text/xml Eagle
YAML text/x-yaml YAML
Unity3D Asset text/x-yaml Unity3D Asset
SaltStack text/x-yaml SaltStack
RAML text/x-yaml RAML
LookML text/x-yaml LookML
CWL text/x-yaml Common Workflow Language
WebIDL text/x-webidl WebIDL
VHDL text/x-vhdl VHDL
Verilog text/x-verilog Verilog
Visual Basic .NET text/x-vb Visual Basic
VBA text/x-vb VBA
FreeBASIC text/x-vb FreeBasic
Twig text/x-twig Twig
ASN.1 text/x-ttcn-asn ASN.1
TOML text/x-toml TOML
Textile text/x-textile Textile
Tcl text/x-tcl Tcl
Glyph text/x-tcl Glyph
SystemVerilog text/x-systemverilog SystemVerilog
Swift text/x-swift Swift
Smalltalk text/x-stsrc Smalltalk
Tex text/x-stex TeX
BibTeX text/x-stex BibTeX
SQLPL text/x-sql SQLPL
SQL text/x-sql SQL
PL/pgSQL text/x-sql PLpgSQL
Closure Templates text/x-soy Closure Templates
Smarty text/x-smarty Smarty
mustache text/x-smarty Mustache
Latte text/x-smarty Latte
Slim text/x-slim Slim
tcsh text/x-sh Tcsh
OpenRC runscript text/x-sh OpenRC runscript
Gentoo Ebuild text/x-sh Gentoo Ebuild
Bash text/x-sh Shell
Alpine Abuild text/x-sh Alpine Abuild
SCSS text/x-scss SCSS
Scheme text/x-scheme Scheme
Nu text/x-scheme Nu
janet text/x-scheme Janet
Scala text/x-scala Scala
Sass text/x-sass Sass
SAS text/x-sas SAS
Rust text/x-rustsrc Rust
Rescript text/x-rustsrc ReScript
Reason text/x-rustsrc Reason
Ligo text/x-rustsrc CameLIGO
Ruby text/x-ruby Ruby
Mirah text/x-ruby Mirah
HCL text/x-ruby HCL
reStructuredText text/x-rst reStructuredText
R text/x-rsrc R
RPM Spec text/x-rpm-spec RPM Spec
starlark text/x-python Starlark
Sage text/x-python Sage
Python text/x-python Python
NumPy text/x-python NumPy
GN text/x-python GN
Easybuild text/x-python Easybuild
Puppet text/x-puppet Puppet
Pug text/x-pug Pug
Protocol Buffers text/x-protobuf Protocol Buffer
Windows Registry Entries text/x-properties Windows Registry Entries
Java Properties text/x-properties Java Properties
Ini text/x-properties INI
git-config text/x-properties Git Config
PL/SQL text/x-plsql PLSQL
Raku text/x-perl Raku
Pod text/x-perl Pod
Perl text/x-perl Perl
Pascal text/x-pascal Pascal
COMPONENT PASCAL text/x-pascal Component Pascal
Oz text/x-oz Oz
MATLAB text/x-octave Matlab
Standard ML text/x-ocaml Standard ML
OCaml text/x-ocaml OCaml
Objective C++ text/x-objectivec Objective-C++
Objective-C text/x-objectivec Objective-C
NSIS text/x-nsis NSIS
Nginx text/x-nginx-conf Nginx
MUMPS text/x-mumps M
Modelica text/x-modelica Modelica
Mathematica text/x-mathematica Mathematica
Terra text/x-lua Terra
Lua text/x-lua Lua
LiveScript text/x-livescript LiveScript
Literate Haskell text/x-literate-haskell Literate Haskell
Kotlin text/x-kotlin Kotlin
Asymptote text/x-kotlin Asymptote
Julia text/x-julia Julia
UnrealScript text/x-java UnrealScript
Java text/x-java Java
Ch text/x-java ChucK
Apex text/x-java Apex
IDL text/x-idl IDL
Haxe text/x-haxe Haxe
PureScript text/x-haskell PureScript
Haskell text/x-haskell Haskell
Grammatical Framework text/x-haskell Grammatical Framework
Dhall text/x-haskell Dhall
HAML text/x-haml Haml
Groovy text/x-groovy Groovy
V text/x-go V
Go text/x-go Go
RMarkdown text/x-gfm RMarkdown
Markdown text/x-gfm Markdown
F# text/x-fsharp F#
Fortran text/x-fortran Fortran
Multi-User Forth text/x-forth MUF
Forth text/x-forth Forth
Factor text/x-factor Factor
Erlang text/x-erlang Erlang
Elm text/x-elm Elm
Eiffel text/x-eiffel Eiffel
ECL text/x-ecl ECL
EBNF text/x-ebnf EBNF
Dylan text/x-dylan Dylan
Dockerfile text/x-dockerfile Dockerfile
Jinja text/x-django HTML+Django
Diff text/x-diff Diff
Volt text/x-d Volt
D text/x-d D
Cython text/x-cython Cython
XS text/x-csrc XS
X PixMap text/x-csrc X PixMap
XC text/x-csrc XC
X BitMap text/x-csrc X BitMap
UPC text/x-csrc Unified Parallel C
OpenCL text/x-csrc OpenCL
NWScript text/x-csrc NWScript
holyc text/x-csrc HolyC
DTrace text/x-csrc DTrace
C text/x-csrc C
Uno text/x-csharp Uno
C# text/x-csharp C#
beef-lang text/x-csharp Beef
Crystal text/x-crystal Crystal
WebAssembly text/x-common-lisp WebAssembly
SRecode Template text/x-common-lisp SRecode Template
NewLisp text/x-common-lisp NewLisp
NetLogo text/x-common-lisp NetLogo
LFE text/x-common-lisp LFE
GCC Machine Description text/x-common-lisp GCC Machine Description
Emacs Lisp text/x-common-lisp Emacs Lisp
Common Lisp text/x-common-lisp Common Lisp
EmberScript text/x-coffeescript EmberScript
CSON text/x-coffeescript CSON
CoffeeScript text/x-coffeescript CoffeeScript
COBOL text/x-cobol COBOL
Makefile text/x-cmake Makefile
CMake text/x-cmake CMake
wisp text/x-clojure wisp
Rouge text/x-clojure Rouge
EDN text/x-clojure edn
Clojure text/x-clojure Clojure
Squirrel text/x-c++src Squirrel
Metal text/x-c++src Metal
Game Maker Language text/x-c++src Game Maker Language
Edje Data Collection text/x-c++src Edje Data Collection
CUDA text/x-c++src Cuda
C++ text/x-c++src C++
Angelscript text/x-c++src AngelScript
Adventure Game Studio Script text/x-c++src AGS Script
Brainfuck text/x-brainfuck Brainfuck
Velocity Template Language text/velocity Velocity Template Language
VBScript text/vbscript VBScript
Turtle text/turtle Turtle
ROFF text/troff Roff
PIC text/troff Pic
IRC chat logs text/mirc IRC log
astro text/jsx Astro
PEG.js text/javascript PEG.js
JSON with Comments text/javascript JSON with Comments
JavaScript text/javascript JavaScript
Cycript text/javascript Cycript
Marine Trading Markup Language text/html MTML
Marko text/html Marko
Kit text/html Kit
HTML text/html HTML
EEX text/html HTML+EEX
Embedded Crystal text/html HTML+ECR
Less text/css Less
CSS text/css CSS
Cloud Firestore Security Rules text/css Cloud Firestore Security Rules
APL text/apl APL
HTTP message/http HTTP
XQuery application/xquery XQuery
Ant Build System application/xml Ant Build System
PowerShell application/x-powershell PowerShell
JSP application/x-jsp Java Server Pages
Groovy Server Pages application/x-jsp Groovy Server Pages
PHP application/x-httpd-php PHP
Hack application/x-httpd-php Hack
ERB application/x-erb HTML+ERB
ASP.NET application/x-aspx ASP.NET
TypeScript application/typescript TypeScript
SPARQL application/sparql-query SPARQL
Sieve mail filtering language application/sieve Sieve
Public Key File application/pgp Public Key
Max application/json Max
Jupyter Notebook application/json Jupyter Notebook
JSONiq application/json JSONiq
JSON5 application/json JSON5
JSON application/json JSON
JSON-LD application/json JSONLD
Dart application/dart Dart

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