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title githubLanguage_aliases githubLanguage
X10 xten X10
X PixMap xpm X PixMap
Genshi xml+genshi or xml+kid Genshi
X BitMap xbm X BitMap
Wren wrenlang Wren
WebAssembly wast or wasm WebAssembly
Velocity Template Language vtl or velocity Velocity Template Language
V vlang V
Visual Basic .NET visual basic or vbnet or vb .net or Visual Basic
Vim script vim or viml or nvim Vim script
VBA vb6 or visual basic 6 or visual basic for applications VBA
Diff udiff Diff
TypeScript ts TypeScript
Type Language tl Type Language
Smalltalk squeak Smalltalk
RPM Spec specfile RPM Spec
Closure Templates soy Closure Templates
SourcePawn sourcemod SourcePawn
YASnippet snippet or yas YASnippet
Standard ML sml Standard ML
Bash sh or shell-script or bash or zsh Shell
SaltStack saltstate or salt SaltStack
reStructuredText rst reStructuredText
XML rss or xsd or wsdl XML
Gerber Image rs-274x Gerber Image
Rust rs Rust
Ren'Py renpy Ren'Py
Regular Expressions regexp or regex Regular Expression
Red red/system Red
Ragel ragel-rb or ragel-ruby Ragel
Q# qsharp Q#
CodeQL ql CodeQL
Python python3 or rusthon Python
Cython pyrex Cython
Protocol Buffers protobuf or Protocol Buffers Protocol Buffer
OpenEdge ABL progress or openedge or abl OpenEdge ABL
POV-Ray SDL pov-ray or povray POV-Ray SDL
Gettext Catalog pot Gettext Catalog
PostScript postscr PostScript
PowerShell posh or pwsh PowerShell
PIR pir Parrot Internal Representation
Raku perl6 or perl-6 Raku
Parrot Assembly pasm Parrot Assembly
Markdown pandoc Markdown
Applescript osascript AppleScript
OpenRC runscript openrc OpenRC runscript
odin odinlang or odin-lang Odin
MATLAB octave Matlab
Objective-J obj-j or objectivej or objj Objective-J
Objective C++ obj-c++ or objc++ or objectivec++ Objective-C++
Objective-C obj-c or objc or objectivec Objective-C
Nu nush Nu
Nix nixos Nix
Nginx nginx configuration file Nginx
MUMPS mumps M
Mathematica mma or wolfram or wolfram language or wolfram lang or wl Mathematica
Max max/msp or maxmsp Max
Marko markojs Marko
LiveScript live-script or ls LiveScript
Literate CoffeeScript litcoffee Literate CoffeeScript
Common Lisp lisp Common Lisp
Literate Haskell lhaskell or lhs Literate Haskell
Less less-css Less
Tex latex TeX
Lasso lassoscript Lasso
JSP jsp Java Server Pages
JSON with Comments jsonc JSON with Comments
JavaScript js or node JavaScript
Ruby jruby or macruby or rake or rb or rbx Ruby
IRC chat logs irc or irc logs IRC log
IGOR Pro igor or igorpro IGOR Pro
Inform i7 or inform7 Inform 7
Hy hylang Hy
Handlebars hbs or htmlbars Handlebars
Groovy Server Pages gsp or java server page Groovy Server Pages
ROFF groff or man or manpage or man page or man-page or mdoc or nroff or troff Roff
Go golang Go
git-config gitconfig or gitmodules Git Config
Grammatical Framework gf Grammatical Framework
JSON geojson or jsonl or topojson JSON
x86 Assembly gas or gnu asm or unix asm Unix Assembly
FreeMarker ftl FreeMarker
F* fstar F*
F# fsharp F#
Lex flex Lex
FreeBASIC fb FreeBasic
ERB erb or rhtml or html+ruby HTML+ERB
Emacs Lisp elisp or emacs Emacs Lisp
EEX eex or heex or leex HTML+EEX
Embedded Crystal ecr HTML+ECR
DTrace dtrace-script DTrace
Darcs Advanced Revision Control System dpatch Darcs Patch
Ini dosini INI
Jinja django or html+django or html+jinja or htmldjango HTML+Django
Pascal delphi or objectpascal Pascal
DIGITAL Command Language dcl DIGITAL Command Language
CWL cwl Common Workflow Language
Gherkin cucumber Gherkin
Csound csound-orc Csound
C# csharp or cake or cakescript C#
C++ cpp C++
Perl cperl Perl
CoffeeScript coffee or coffee-script CoffeeScript
Semantic Patch Language coccinelle SmPL
Chapel chpl Chapel
ColdFusion cfm or cfml or coldfusion html ColdFusion
DM byond DM
Makefile bsdmake or make or mf Makefile
Zeek bro Zeek
BlitzMax bmax BlitzMax
starlark bazel or bzl Starlark
Batchfile bat or batch or dosbatch or winbatch Batchfile
BlitzBasic b3d or blitz3d or blitzplus or bplus BlitzBasic
M4Sugar autoconf M4Sugar
AutoIt au3 or AutoIt3 or AutoItScript AutoIt
ATS ats2 ATS
ASP.NET aspx or aspx-vb ASP.NET
Assembly language asm or nasm Assembly
Statement List ascii stl or stla STL
Rexx arexx REXX
AutoHotkey ahk AutoHotkey
Adventure Game Studio Script ags AGS Script
xBase advpl or clipper or foxpro xBase
Ada ada95 or ada2005 Ada
ActionScript actionscript 3 or actionscript3 or as3 ActionScript
ApacheConf aconf or apache ApacheConf
Adobe Font Metrics acfm or adobe composite font metrics or adobe multiple font metrics or amfm Adobe Font Metrics
Alpine Abuild abuild or apkbuild Alpine Abuild
UrWeb Ur/Web or Ur UrWeb
R R or Rscript or splus R
Jupyter Notebook IPython Notebook Jupyter Notebook
HCL HashiCorp Configuration Language or terraform HCL
FIGlet Font FIGfont FIGlet Font
D Dlang D
Dockerfile Containerfile Dockerfile
CartoCSS Carto CartoCSS
OpenType Feature File AFDKO OpenType Feature File

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