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Visual Studio Marketplace visual-studio-code-editor
Vim Scripts vim-editor
ctan-pm tex
cocoapods-pm swift objective-c
package-control-pm sublime-editor
Boston College Statistical Software Components stata
spark-pm spark
solaris-pm solaris
smalltalkhub-pm smalltalk
crates-pm rust
RubyGems ruby
raco-pm racket
cran-pm r
PyPI python
Manim python
Prolog Pack prolog
powershell-gallery-pm powershell
PEAR php
packagist-pm php
cpan-pm perl
opam-pm ocaml
nimble-pm nim
MathWorks File Exchange matlab
mathematica-packagedata-pm mathematica
Maplesoft Application Center maple
luarocks-pm lua
JuliaHub Packages julia
npm javascript nodejs typescript
Maven Central Repository java
Haxe Library Manager haxe
hackage-pm haskell
forthnet-pm forth
Hex erlang
Emacs Lisp Package Archive emacs-lisp
melpha-pm emacs-editor
Elm Packages elm
dynamo-pm dynamo-visual-language
dart-pm dart
dub-pm d
NuGet csharp f-sharp
ultralisp-pm common-lisp
quicklisp-pm common-lisp
ForgeBox coldfusion
clojars-pm clojure
Conan c cpp
Conan Center c cpp
bpkg-pm bash
ballerina-central-pm ballerina

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