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title example
Morse code −− −−− ·−· ··· · −·−· −−− −·· ·
Vyxal ₁ƛ₍₃₅kF½*∑∴,
Sheep — Tree of Pythagoras
De Bruijn index λ λ λ 3 1 (2 1)
Glicol ~gate: speed 2.0
Z-flat ~/ factorial /~
RTF {\rtf1\ansi{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss Helvetica;}\f0\pard
swizzle {M
Project Mentat {:db/id :person/email
EDN {:a 1, "foo" :bar, [1 2 3] four}
fay {-# LANGUAGE EmptyDataDecls #-}
klong {&/x!:\2+!_x^1%2}
Twig {% extends "base.html" %}
avro {"namespace": "example.avro",
False { writes all prime numbers between 0 and 100 }
mpl { Planning.mpl }
jplace {
Observable {
Nix {
Hjson {
JSON-stat {
ddfql {
Open Data Protcol {
CSVw {
JSON Schema {
Livr {
Joyfully Universal Language for (Inline) Assembly {
rason {
ArkScript {
JSON Graph Spec {
Metaweb Query Language {
json-graph-format {
ScriptEase while( ThereAreUncalledNamesOnTheList() == true){
TQL where appeared > 2009
AmbientTalk when: ChatService discovered: { |chatService| when: chatService<-login(roomID, username) becomes: { |chatRoom| chatRoom<-chat("hello world"); // async message send whenever: chatRoom disconnected: { system.println("you're offline"); }; whenever: chatRoom reconnected: { system.println("you're online again"); }; }; };
Procfile web: bundle exec rails server -p $PORT
Ohayo web.get ohayo/packages/samples/
Vely void list_employees() {
qed-lang void Button(string text) {
FaCT void
HCL variable "ami" {
zenscript var x = 5;
epsilon var m : new Model;
Hyperscript var h = require('hyperscript')
Uniform eXchange Format uxf 1
zz using ::{printf}
Jule use std::math::{PI}
Hare use fmt;
albatross use alba.base.boolean
Invisible XML url: scheme, ":", authority, path.
goose uint(32) lomarf( uint(32) a, uint(32) b )
EverParse3D typedef struct _OrderedPair {
Ion Schema Language type::{
Reason type schoolPerson = Teacher | Director | Student(string);
Markus type User: user {
BARE type PublicKey data[128]
luau type Point = { x: number, y: number }
Fable type Face =
Candy type = use "..Type"
Browser Extensible Data Format track name=pairedReads description="Clone Paired Reads" useScore=1
PromQL topk(3, sum by (app, proc) (rate(instance_cpu_time_ns[5m])))
KAML title="KAML Example" # A simple string
Markwhen title: Welcome to Markwhen 👋
Tree Notation title Tree Notation
Scroll title This is Scroll. The keyword for title is title.
world timeval: struct [
Kal task getUserFriends (userName)
Imba tag app-canvas
Lucid table_ [rows_ "2"]
AsciiMath sum_(i=1)^n i^3=((n(n+1))/2)^2
eqn sum from { k = 1 } to N { k sup 2 }
ink-lang std := load('std')
X PixMap static char* [] = {
PEG.js start
Public Key File ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAAAgQCw3QQtYgRViVH8ZpkQ2A7BuCeyPYC4hB9kKNhxwUfJ2hFgW8soGMBhsLN+vOeAJ2IXDMsezJO2/qhoZFQMvHoWpWTRTLPeNtBsKD+nhOZX28A4D+QRzVZ6hdWoh9W+mIP69MIT3aX35oLb86IycbNdRJlEK4FAUt7tjezNkU7boQ==
Devicetree soc {
Space settings
Note settings
Cirru set a
AMPL set PROD; # products
strat service HelloWorld {
bml server
Definite clause grammar sentence --> noun_phrase, verb_phrase.
Explorer selection Canada~India
XQL select result:<$book.title, $>
OQL select c.address
Lorel select,
webql select
Lily scoped enum Color { Black, Blue, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Red, White, Yellow }
TextMate Language scopeName = 'source.untitled';
Catala scope QualifiedEmployeeDiscount :
Link save x, text 10 # create
Citrine salut := 'Bună țară!'.
ACT-III s1'dim'a'500'm'500'q'500''
KRL ruleset sample {
YARA rule silent_banker : banker
ATLAS Transformation Language rule TreeNodeRoot2RootElement {
rosie rosie --rpl 'd = [:digit:]' -o json match d
Forsyth-Edwards Notation rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1
BitBake require
Yacas record["name"]:="Isaia";
Cell reactive Thermostat {
QUEL range of E is EMPLOYEE
Biological Expression Language r(HGNC:CFTR, var("r.1653_1655delcuu"))
abs r = $(curl "" -H 'DNT: 1' -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, sdch' -H 'Accept-Language: en' -H 'User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/57.0.2987.133 Safari/537.36' -H 'Accept: */*' -H 'Referer:' -H 'Connection: keep-alive' --compressed);
Dogescript quiet
UnQL query Q1 :=
Ć public class HelloCi
hacspec pub type Res = (usize, usize);
Unicon procedure main()
High Level Assembly procedure SetFormat;
Vale procedure ReadA(ghost a:seq(uint32),inline b:bool)
ALGOL 60 procedure Absmax(a) Size:(n, m) Result:(y) Subscripts:(i, k);
Quake proc simple(prefix, suffix) is
llhd proc %Accumulator.always_comb.227.0 (i1$ %0, i16$ %1, i16$ %2) -> (i16$ %3) {
Blox print(1+2*3/4)
Nit print "Hello, World!"
gura prime() = {
Bossam Rule Language prefix family =;
Kamby planet = [
CBOR data definition language pii = (
Datalog parent(john, douglas). % store some data
UCL param = value;
RoboMind paintWhite
FML pad = x flip[stitch] 0, stitch 0, flip[cat] 0, cat 0
emfatic package test;
odin package main
Carbon package Sorting api;
Lil on mode a do # line comment
baysick object SquareRoot extends Baysick {
GLMS number w = 640;
funl ns main
Blacklight newq newq ;; create send and receive queues
Wavefront Material newmtl flat_green
Rholang new helloworld, stdout(`rho:io:stdout`) in {
net-format net chr2L 23011544
z2 namespace org.z2legacy.samples.ut;
C3 module stack ;
Alpaca module simple_example
Croc module samples.interfaces
MiniD module matrix
Astatine module Main where
hamler module Main where
Gren module Main exposing (main)
Rescript module Button = {
Aith module ::
Parlog mode qsort(list?,sorted_list^).
DM mob
Đ method satExample() or ({generator _ ()
kaitai meta:
Protocol Buffers message Person {
iikuse me i kusin - I saw it
Bla map(f,[]) = []
JSON lambda map (\o -> { sha: o.sha, ps: map _.sha o.parents }) | filter (\o -> length > 1)
Arden syntax maintenance:
Alma macro swap(a, b) {
Finite State Language machine_name: "Traffic light";
cosh lsr; [test m] grep; [f<; [data m] grep] map
Omgrofl lol iz 71
pasukon lex
bog let {print} = import ""
Serious let x = 3;
hazel let v = {} in
expresso let sqmag = {x, y} -> x*x + y*y
Stutter let ratio be a Number and set it to 0.37
Fibonacci let john = role Person
plot let html = HTML(
OK let divide = fn(a, b) {
UCG let db_confs = import "db/mysql/hosts.ucg";
Austral let db: Db := connect("localhost");
imp-lang let colors = "apples" x "red" | "apples" x "green" | "oranges" x "orange" in
Low* let chacha20
PowerQuery M let Orders = Table.FromRecords({
Grammar latinNode
MUMPS label1 ; This is a label
mckeeman-form json
ELFE invoke "",
OMG IDL interface A {
Aime integer
ROS Message int32 x
Vala int main (string[] args) {
praxis-lang insert data.scene_data.linus_wakes_up
Pig Latin input_lines = LOAD '/tmp/word.txt' AS (line:chararray);
Céu input int KEY;
spiral inl x = 2 // Define a 64-bit integer in Spiral.
Genie init
Cali-Lang include console;
XCompose include "%L"
MDX import { Chart } from '../components/chart'
Picat import util.
torchscript import torch
Worst import syntax/attributes
Spatial import spatial.dsl._
Flow9 import runtime;
clay import printer.(println);
Cyber import m 'math'
V import json
janet import joy)
converge import Sys
tao3d import SeasonsGreetingsTheme
PureScript import Prelude
blz import Lists
mgmt import "datetime"
pointless import "chart.ptls" as chart
comby if (:[_] && :[height] :[_])
Toy if (1 < 2) {
HScript if ( $F == 1 ) then
Elvish if $true { echo good } else { echo bad }
h h
Scrapscript greet <| person:ron 3
Graph Modeling Language graph
Xtext grammar org.eclipse.xtext.common.Terminals
Raku grammar Parser {
mermaid gitGraph:
General-purpose macro processor gema -match -p 'Title\:*\n=$0@end' foo
xs gcd:{([`x`y]):..;if y==0(x)(y gcd x mod y)};
NL g3 0 1 0 # problem assign0
Gremlin g.V().hasLabel('movie').values('year').min()
Jakt function main() {
Adventure Game Studio Script function hDoor_Look()
GEL Genius function f(x) = (
JLang func test param {
never func main() -> float
sora func get(node: &mut Foo, k: usize) -> maybe &mut Foo {
rise fun(A : N.K.float => fun(B : K.M.float =>
mythryl fun qsort [] => []; qsort (x!xs) => qsort (filter {. #a < x; } xs) @ [x] @ qsort (filter {. #a >= x; } xs); end;
Koka fun hello-ten()
manticore fun forever (init : ’a) (f: ’a -> ’a) : unit =
lila-lang fun fib(n:Int) (Int) {
Linux Kernel Module fs/mbcache.ko
Seq from sys import argv
Numba from numba import njit
PRQL from employees
CodeQL from DataFlow::PathNode source, DataFlow::PathNode sink, UnsafeDeserializationConfig conf
dio for v in [5, 8, 32, 9, 14]
CGOL for i in 1 to n do
latte-js for (x in y if ('awesome')))
WCPS for $c in ( M1, M2, M3 ),
Alumina fn main() {
mun-lang fn main() {
neeilang fn main() : Int {
Tao fn factorial =
dslx fn cast_to_array(x: u6) -> u2[3] {
Maude fmod FACTORIAL is
Jevko first name [John]
AviSynth filename="somefile.avi"
TI-89 series fib(n)
strudel feature Rice 1 LOC_Os05g01020 gene 1903 "TBC domain containing protein, expressed"
kona factorial:{*/1+!:x}
Verse f(p:int,q:int):int :=
orange extern printf(char* s, ...) -> int32
Vale exported func main() {
walt export function fibonacci(n: i32): i32 {
Violent ES enum Product {
Thrift enum PhoneType {
GraphIt element Vertex end
ten each( irange( 1, 101 )
Slim doctype html
MDBS-QRS disp i dept location
zolang describe Person {
p4p defvar: m = 10
Bayer Expressions define | edge? g e
s-lang define init_array (a)
tremor-query define grouper::bucket operator kfc;
Sweet Expressions define fibfast(n) ; Typical function notation
I-expressions define
Mojo def softmax(lst):
hakaru def pulls(strength real):
Bython def print_message(num_of_times) {
Virgil def main() {
Crema def int binarySearch(int values[], int searchTarget){
Luna def greet(name:string)
concurnas def gcd(x int, y int){//greatest common divisor of two integers
Mirah def foo(a:String, b:int)
Berry def fib(x)
Vigil def fib(n):
mochi def factorial(n, m):
Wart def (foo (a | (b c))) # 'b' and 'c' name parts of list 'a'
vdscript declare foo;
DDF ddf--datapoints--population--by--geo--year.csv
pyret data BinTree:
Goal csvs:"\n"_`
Earl Grey count-words(text) =
2-pak coroutine FRUIT_GEN()
OCL context Person inv: self.age >=0
Superjson const object = {
LISP 1.5 cons (a (b c d))
specrtl concrete *cmp_ccno_1.insn instantiates set_compare
Conceptual concept
Praat Script clearinfo
Grace class cat {
Nuua class Triangle {
MoonScript class Thing
Tea class Square Rectangle (
Scala.js class Person(val firstName: String, val lastName: String) {
JSX class App extends React.Component {
tablam city ?where .population > 100_000 ?select .name, .country
chain-format chain 4900 chrY 58368225 + 25985403 25985638 chr5 151006098 - 43257292 43257528 1
Carpet cadef
Concise Encoding c1
PLZ bubble sort MODULE
Wing bring cloud;
METAPOST beginfig(2);
SRL begin with any of (digit, letter, one of "._%+-") once or more,
reforth begin
beads-lang beads level 1 program calculator
shakti b + 1 2 3
D2 aws: {
Typoscript asdf {
Dashrep animal-type:
G-Portugol algoritmo OlaMundo;
whalecalf algorithm=trellis;
xduce addrbook[
Pony actor Main
Varnish Configuration Language acl local {
yeti ack m n =
JSL a="Hello"; b=" "; c="World"; a||b||c;
ssl-lang a+b*
taktentus a := 15
ed script a
visdown ```vis
SQF _num = 10;
Djot _italic_
Set-builder notation \{l\ |\ l\in L\}
Pickle \x80\x03cpandas.core.frame\nDataFrame\nq\x00)\x81q\x01}q\x02(X\x05\x00\x00\x00_dataq\x03cpandas.core.internals\nBlockManager\nq\x04)\x81q\x05(]q\x06(cpandas.core.indexes.base\n_new_Index\nq\x07cpandas.core.indexes.base\nIndex\nq\x08}q\t(X\x04\x00\x00\x00dataq\ncnumpy.core.multiarray\n_reconstruct\nq\x0bcnumpy\nndarray\nq\x0cK\x00\x85q\rC\x01bq\x0e\x87q\x0fRq\x10(K\x01K\x02\x85q\x11cnumpy\ndtype\nq\x12X\x02\x00\x00\x00O8q\x13K\x00K\x01\x87q\x14Rq\x15(K\x03X\x01\x00\x00\x00|q\x16NNNJ\xff\xff\xff\xffJ\xff\xff\xff\xffK?tq\x17b\x89]q\x18(X\x03\x00\x00\x00Catq\x19X\x03\x00\x00\x00Dogq\x1aetq\x1bbX\x04\x00\x00\x00nameq\x1cNu\x86q\x1dRq\x1eh\x07cpandas.core.indexes.range\nRangeIndex\nq\x1f}q (h\x1cNX\x05\x00\x00\x00startq!K\x00X\x04\x00\x00\x00stopq"K\x02X\x04\x00\x00\x00stepq#K\x01u\x86q$Rq%e]q&h\x0bh\x0cK\x00\x85q\'h\x0e\x87q(Rq)(K\x01K\x02K\x02\x86q*h\x12X\x02\x00\x00\x00f8q+K\x00K\x01\x87q,Rq-(K\x03X\x01\x00\x00\x00(X\x04\x00\x00\x00axesq?h\x06X\x06\x00\x00\x00blocksq@]qA}qB(X\x06\x00\x00\x00valuesqCh)X\x08\x00\x00\x00mgr_locsqDcbuiltins\nslice\nqEK\x00K\x02K\x01\x87qFRqGuaustqHbX\x04\x00\x00\x00_typqIX\t\x00\x00\x00dataframeqJX\t\x00\x00\x00_metadataqK]qLub.
Noweb \section{Hello world}
Literate Agda \documentclass{article}
XeTeX \documentclass[11pt]{article}
CWEB \datethis
LARP \\ Simple pseudo code
Xidoc [section HTML;
idyll [meta
topaz [i: 0 while [i < 10] [i: i + 1]]
tuplemarkup [html |
Calc4 [fib2|x, a, b|x ? ((x-1) ? ((x-1) {fib2} (a+b) {fib2}a) ? a) ? b] 38{fib2}1{fib2}0
PML [doc [title PML Demo]
ArchieML [days]
Ren [] ; empty list
WebGPU Shading Language [[location 0]] var gl_FragColor : vec4;
desktop [Desktop Entry]
Datomic [:find ?e
kerf [100] + [0, 10, 20]
Wikitax [*
beautiful-report-language [(define myname "Bruce")
SMILES arbitrary target specification [$([NH2][CX4]),$([NH]([CX4])[CX4]),$([NX3]([CX4])([CX4])[CX4])]
jcard ["vcard",
JSON Lines ["Name", "Session", "Score", "Completed"]
[x]it! [ ] This is an open item
GUIDO music notation [ \clef<"treble"> \key<"D"> \meter<"4/4">
maraca-lang [
Executable JSON [
jeebox You can %describe (anything, in: Jeebox)
CSV Year,Make,Model,Length
XML Query Language WHERE
Robots.txt User-agent: googlebot # all Google services
o42a Use namespace 'Console'
holyc U0 Main()
Jesth This text actually belongs to an anonymous section,
Em This is an optional HTML title.
Stencil There are {{ articles.count }} articles.
Plain English The background is a picture.
dbml Table users {
moinmoin Table of contents:
flowlog TABLE stolen(switchid );
Wren System.print("Hello, world!")
Acme System simple_cs = {
mathics StringJoin[Riffle[Map[ToString, Table[Fibonacci[i], {i,16}]], ", "]] <> "..."
Truth String
Spline Font Database SplineFontDB: 3.0
Go! Sex ::= male | female.
CCS Script-Filter:
Wirth syntax notation SYNTAX = { PRODUCTION } .
UnQL SELECT {articleout:cool_nosql_collection.docNumber} FROM cool_nosql_collection
edgeql SELECT User FILTER = 'John';
IBM Informix-4GL SELECT UNIQUE city, state, zipcode, sname
MultiDimensional eXpressions SELECT
snakemake SAMPLES = "100 101 102 103".split()
MathLingua Result:
Readable Red [
Tefkat RULE ClassToTable
Post-X REPLACE GRAM := "<"^BREAK">"^"> ''
BrightScript REM
Avail Public method "Play Wump the Wumpus with reader_with reporter_" is
JCOF Programmer;"age""first-name""full-time""occupation";
UNITY Program bubblesort
ISWIM Print `Hello world'
Planguage PLAN [01-Sep 2012]: Full product release
CMS Pipelines PIPE (end ?)
ppm-format P3
Netpbm grayscale image format P2
Portable Bit Map Format P1
Pharo Object subclass: #Counter
Genero Business Development Language OPTIONS SHORT CIRCUIT
dedukti Nat: Type.
Rockstar Midnight takes your heart and your soul
MIME MIME-Version: 1.0
Limbo Lock: module
Lexon LEX Escrow.
SQRL LET Username := input();
Wiswesser line notation L66J BMR& DSWQ IN1&1
QML Item {
guru Inductive trie : Fun(A:type).type :=
Visual Basic .NET Imports System.Console
tangledown If you eat t[number](cookies ' cookies'), you consume t[](calories ' calories'). This constitutes t[](dailypercent percent) of a daily intake of t[number](100
tsquery Identifier[name="Animal"]
BALGOL INTEGER I..., J..., K..., L..., M..., N...$
Tutorial D INSERT myVariable RELATION {
Relational Data File IF (x AUTHORED PAPER y)
mustache Hello {{name}}
chef Hello World Souffle.
Ron GameConfig( // optional struct name
Wonkey Function Add( a:Int, b:Int )
Halide Func blur_3x3(Func input) {
operon From json:true
EML From MAILER-DAEMON Fri Jul 8 12:08:34 2011
Gherkin Feature: Guess the word
Margin Favorite Movies
xsharp FUNCTION start AS VOID
Zimbu FUNC Main() int
Formula language FIELD NewDate:=@Today
PEG Expr ← Sum
nlpl Draw a red circle
DokuWiki DokuWiki supports **bold**, //italic//, __underlined__ and ''monospaced'' texts.
Yedalog Documents = Load{path: "document-parse-trees"};
rbscript Dim years, days As Integer
Breccia Definition of terms for project Breccia
Linked Markdown Definition Name
Perfectscript Declare Test[10]
rapidgen-rpl Days_leave <- 22
c-talk CtkObject myPrimitive(int nArgs, CtkObject* args) {
Mathpix Markdown Compute \(f(x) = x^2 + 2\) if \(x=2\).
SYBYL line notation C[1]H:CH:CH:CH:CH:CH:@1
CSP COPY = *[c:character; west?c → east!c]
SNQL: A Social Network Query and Transformation Language CONSTRUCT CP1
QMake CONFIG += qt debug
Smiles CC(=O)NCCC1=CNc2c1cc(OC)cc2
Structured Control Language CASE TW OF
Molfile C8H10N4O2
plantuml Bob->Alice : hello
Data Communications ALGOL BEGIN
Post production Alphabet: {[, ]}
System V ABI Address Type Name
prompter A poor young straight Ancient Roman man. By reputation he is
Liso @varsrec
MOO @program toy:wind
FOAF @prefix rdf: .
Turtle @prefix rdf: .
TriG syntax @prefix rdf: .
RDF Schema @prefix rdf: .
Notation3 @prefix dc: .
Bicep @minLength(3)
NilScript @implementation TheClass {
CSS Doodle @grid: 14 / 80%;
LES @[#static]
Scribe @MakeSection(tag=beginning, title="The Beginning")
ProbeVue @@syscall:*:read:entry
txr @(bind special-words ("arch." "var." "ver." "anci." "fam."))
hilvl @ var foo = 42
Pod6 =begin pod
Ragel =begin
Frost ========================================================
dllup ===
texti = Markup language =
MediaWiki = Heading 1 =
tilton <~set~year~2000~>
      Template Attribute Language
      Security Assertion Markup Language
      Namespace Routing Language
      Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language
      Semantic Web Rule Language
      Velocity Template Language
      Groovy Server Pages
      CLiX markup Trex
      Document Structure Description
      Microdata HTML
      ColdFusion Components
      Visual Tool Markup Language
      GOLD ::= if then end
      Zork Implementation Language
      xTAO Modeling Language
      Content Assembly Mechanism
      protium <@ DEFAREFLE>pleac
      Speech Synthesis Markup Language
      Mako <%inherit file="base.html"/>
      EEX <%= if true do %>
      EJS <% if (user) { %>
      chrysaLisp ;imports
      ferret ;;; lazy-sum.clj
      Guile ;;; Hello world program
      lispyscript ;; test with and without the "./"
      Topaz ;; This is a comment
      wescheme ;; The world is a number
      Fennel ;; Sample: read the state of the keyboard and move the player accordingly
      carth ;; Note that many of these functions are/will be in the standard
      Quaint ;; Edit me!
      Plot ;; A silly toy program
      NCAR Command Language ;-----------------------------------------------------------------
      Ini ; last modified 1 April 2001 by John Doe
      Slope ; hello world
      neut ; download the core library
      BeBasic ; ____________________
      SMT ; Getting assertions
      Dak ; Functions are varied and colorful.
      Bel ; Bel in Bel. 9 October 2019, 9:14 GMT
      dex :p x = 1. -- let binding
      toadskin :V+++++;
      hoon :: A message you ping another ship with
      ISBN 978-3-16-148410-0
      neralie-format 6:00 250:000 12:00 500:000
      I 5 - *.o + 4
      HiveQL 4 CREATE TABLE word_counts AS
      Conway chained arrow notation 3->3->2 = 7,625,597,484,987
      CLPR 3*X + 4*Y - 2*Z = 8,
      Soulver 3 × 3
      NumPad 3 × 3
      phylip 3 30
      Up-arrow notation 2↑4 = 2 ^ 4 = 16
      WebAssembly 20 00
      Gofer 2 * (3+4)
      X Font Directory Index 2
      FRACTRAN 17/65, 133/34, 17/19, 23/17, 2233/69, 23/29, 31/23, 74/341, 31/37, 41/31, 129/287, 41/43, 13/41, 1/13, 1/3
      SubRip Text 168
      IRC chat logs 12:06 Tantek: what does the datetime stamp represent?
      Common Log Format user-identifier frank [10/Oct/2000:13:55:36 -0700] "GET /apache_pb.gif HTTP/1.0" 200 2326
      Semantic Versioning 1.5.12
      popr 1 2 | 3 +
      libsvm-format 1 10:3.4 123:0.5 34567:0.231
      plink-ped-format 1 1 0 0 1 0 G G 2 2 C C
      cat 1 1 +
      Matrix Market Coordinate Format 1 0 0 6 0
      plink-bed-format 0x6c 0x1b 0x01 0xdc 0x0f 0xe7 0x0f 0x6b 0x01
      Combined Log Format 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 - Administrator [17/Sep/2021:13:51:27 -0400] "GET /invoke/pub.flow/getTransportInfo" 200 2502 "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/93.0.4577.63 Safari/537.36"
      arvelie-format 02A01 2002-01-01 01D07 2001-02-18
      XL 0! is 1
      axt-format 0 chr19 3001012 3001075 chr11 70568380 70568443 - 3500
      SimCode //============================================================
      XQL //(editor contains "Leksh*")
      silk // this is a comment
      Hocon // one array
      xxl // enclose (c)urly(b)races, (s)quare(b)brackets, (q)uotes:
      Mond // documentation can be found here:
      FLUX // concrete node signatures
      Ark // binding to printf
      Touch // an inline comment //
      Language Server Index Format // a vertex representing the document
      Slice //
      ctalk-lang // When working with the CTalk interpreter,
      Rust MIR // WARNING: This output format is intended for human consumers only
      Boogie // Variable a is a nested map that maps
      OpenVera // This Examples shows how random
      PowerBuilder // The MIT License (MIT)
      mlir // Syntactically similar to LLVM:
      Ripple // Stage
      Sublime Syntax Test Lang // SYNTAX TEST "Packages/C/C.sublime-syntax"
      Solidity // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
      SIL // SIL is reliant on Swift's type system and declarations, so SIL syntax is an extension of Swift's. A .sil file is a Swift source file with added SIL definitions. The Swift source is parsed only for its declarations; Swift func bodies (except for nested declarations) and top-level code are ignored by the SIL parser. In a .sil file, there are no implicit imports; the swift and/or Builtin standard modules must be imported explicitly if used.
      CIR // Read from local variable, address in %0.
      Eve // People older than 30
      Heron // Named function with statement body
      Deno // Imports `serve` from the remote Deno standard library, using URL.
      Fun // Fun code
      Taichi // For CPU
      tht // Familiar variable and List syntax.
      dlvm // Dimension-erased functions are flexible because input shapes are dynamic.
      Whiley // Define the type of natural numbers
      fizz // Code ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      owen-lang // An imperative, statically but weakly typed systems programming
      verifpal // All lines that start with "//" are treated as comments and ignored by Verifpal
      mimium // A minimal example below generates a sinewave of 440Hz:
      Jsonnet // A function that returns an object.
      Alloy // A file system object in the file system
      Flow // @flow
      AsciiDots /-& `` This is where the program ends!
      Lex /*** Definition section ***/
      ANTLR /** Taken from "The Definitive ANTLR 4 Reference" by Terence Parr */
      AssemblyScript /** Calculates the n-th Fibonacci number. */
      Closure Templates /**
      Soy /**
      Manchester syntax /**
      Bison /* Reverse Polish Notation calculator. */
      Ion /* Ion supports comments. */
      bioscript /* Initialization Omitted */
      kai /* //
      Linker Script /*
      JSON with Comments /*
      RenderScript /*
      blockml /*
      Adept /*
      groff .sp 1.5i
      Smali .method public getTokens(I)I
      SCRIPT markup .ez on
      CIL .assembly Hello {}
      Incipit .Enumeration incipit.
      gitignore .DS_Store
      TI Program .AlphaCS
      Information Presentation Facility .* This is a comment line
      HXML -cp src
      Objective-S -deleteFile:filename {
      Unified Diff --- /path/to/original timestamp
      Marp ---
      manool -- recursive version, MANOOLish "cascading" notation
      Hspec -- file Spec.hs
      unison -- comments start with `--`
      Terra -- This top-level code is plain Lua code.
      Copilot -- Raw temperature from sensor, range -50.0C to 100.0C.
      Egison -- Extract all twin primes from the infinite list of prime numbers with pattern matching!
      zephyr-asdl -- ASDL's 5 builtin types are:
      Dhall -- ./company.dhall
      omega --
      ink - I looked at Monsieur Fogg
      GAMS *Basic example of transport model from GAMS model library
      Txt2tags **bold text**
      Markdeep **Example**
      Context Diff *** /path/to/original timestamp
      flagship ** File: hello1.prg // your first program
      Kami * Main list element
      runic * Header
      Creole * Bullet list
      S-expressions (x . y)
      Ciel (set lambda fn)
      gnu-rtl (set (reg:SI 140)
      datascript (require '[datascript.core :as d])
      Fuzuli (require "/usr/lib/fuzuli/nfl/")
      fleck (println "Hello world!")
      FCL (n)
      Common Lisp with Arc Macros and Procedures (map [+ _ 1] '(1 2 3))
      Pact (map (+ 1) [1 2 3])
      KiCad Legacy Layout (kicad_pcb (version 3)
      Flatline (if (missing? "00000") (random-value "000000") (f "000000"))
      Lush (for (i 1 100)
      Allegro Common Lisp (defun foo (x)
      ulisp (defun b (x) (pinmode 13 t) (digitalwrite 13 x) (delay 500) (b (not x)))
      stella (defun (lisp-null-array-symbol-string STRING) ((rank INTEGER))
      Macchiato (defn inc (x) (+ 1 x))
      Atomese (define find-animals
      g-expressions (define build-exp
      taf (define (make-person name email)
      KB (defconcept circle () (center radius))
      Loom (defconcept air-base
      nydp (def pre-compile (expr)
      OPS5 (compute 2 + (3 * 4) + 5)
      wisp (alert "Hello world!")
      lain (add (sub 5 3) 2) ; Basic Math
      Reactive Plan Language (DEF-INTERP-PROC LOOK-FOR (PL)
      Newick format (A:0.1,B:0.2,(C:0.3,D:0.4):0.5);
      Todotxt (A) Thank Mom for the meatballs @phone
      mimix-stream-language (@lonely-planet Lonely Planet (@Hawaii)
      wah (0 = 1)
      jasper (+ 2 3)
      Hy (+ "Hyllo " "World" "!")
      kilo-lisp ((a . b) . c)
      The New Hampshire X Format (((ADH2:0.1[&&NHX:S=human:E=],ADH1:0.11[&&NHX:S=human:E=]):0
      Python Format Specification '{0}, {1}, {2}'.format('a', 'b', 'c')
      alan 'Reasons': collection { }
      Pomsky 'Hello' ' '+ ('world' | 'pomsky')
      Caché Basic ' RightTriangle compute area and hypotenuse of a right triangle
      HAML %section.container
      Recfiles %rec: Book
      Logos %group iOS8
      Sublime Syntax %YAML 1.2
      Refer %A Brian W. Kernighan
      Sweave %-------------------------------------------
      KaTeX % \f is defined as #1f(#2) using the macro
      Turing % Accepts a number and calculates its factorial
      Charity %
      Multi-User Forth $include $lib/strings
      Hodor $HODOR: hhodor? Hodor!? Hodor!? oHooodorrhodor orHodor!? d = HoDoRHoDoR () {
      DIGITAL Command Language $! Compiling with VAXC is said to work, but it requires the usual cruft
      Nginx #user nobody;
      USD #usda 1.0
      srv #request constants
      HyPhy #profile START;s = 0;m = {5,1};for (k=0; k<250000; k=k+1){ s = s + k; t = Random (0,5); m [t] = m [t] + 1;}#profile PAUSE;s2 = 0;for (k=1; k<10000; k=k+1){ s2 = s2+1/k;}#profile _hyphy_profile_dump;stats = _hyphy_profile_dump["STATS"];_profile_summer = {1,Rows(stats)};_profile_summer = _profile_summer["1"] * stats;_instructions = _hyphy_profile_dump["INSTRUCTION"];_indices = _hyphy_profile_dump["INSTRUCTION INDEX"];fprintf (stdout, "\nTotal run time (seconds) : ", Format(_profile_summer[1]/1000000,15,6), "\nTotal number of steps : ", Format(_profile_summer[0],15,0), "\n\n"); for (k=0; k
      Filterscript #pragma version(1)
      turnstile #lang turnstile
      scribble #lang scribble/doc
      rosette-lang #lang rosette
      Patient-Oriented Prescription Programming Language #lang pop-pl
      Hackett #lang hackett
      Aardvark #include os as os
      Nymph #include
      chaiscript #include
      ROOT #include "Riostream.h"
      Felix #import
      JAI #import "Basic";
      X BitMap #define test_width 16
      order #define ORDER_PP_DEF_8fib \
      jiyu #clang_import
      Rust HIR #[prelude_import]
      Cue #Spec: {
      Nexus file #NEXUS
      lav-format #:lav
      kivy-lang #:kivy 1.0
      Org #+OPTIONS: H:3 num:nil toc:nil \n:nil @:t ::t |:t ^:t -:t f:t *:t TeX:t LaTeX:t skip:nil d:(HIDE) tags:not-in-toc
      LookML ######################################
      storyscript ###
      World of Warcraft Addon Data ## Interface: 70300
      CFEngine #!/var/cfengine/bin/cf-agent --no-lock
      gentee #!/usr/local/bin/gentee
      P* #!/usr/bin/wpl -f
      Parrot Assembly #!/usr/bin/env parrot
      OpenRC runscript #!/sbin/openrc-run
      winxed #! winxed
      BQN #! /usr/bin/env bqn
      Nadesiko # 取り込みテスト
      Yet Another Scripting Language # simple program that iteratively calculates factorials
      rbs # sig/merchant.rbs
      Fardlang # hehe fard dis is a fardy comment
      Embedded Crystal # greeting.ecr
      CSpydr # fibonacci.csp
      Mu # dump stack from bottom to top
      Streem # channel to broadcast to all clients
      DOML # Version 0.3
      Triton # This is a GPU kernel in Triton.
      Please Build # Taken from //src/core/BUILD in the Please repo
      DTrace # Syscall count by syscall
      OpenType Feature File # Script and language coverage
      hamdown # Main Title
      Mscgen # MSC for some fictional process
      spry # Let's add a method to:do: that works as in Smalltalk.
      Reia # Hello, world!
      ldpl # Hello There Example
      GraphQL Schema Definition Language # Enumeration type for a level of priority
      E # E snippet from
      Logica # Define natural numbers from 1 to 29.
      starlark # Define a number
      git-config # Core variables
      NestedText # Contact information for our officers
      Mech # Breakout
      Expect # Assume $remote_server, $my_user_id, $my_password, and $my_command were read in earlier
      GDScript # A file is a class!
      RELAX NG # A RELAX NG compact syntax pattern
      Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator Format # 2d LJ crack simulation
      SubX # 0x20-0x7e: basic latin
      YASnippet # -*- mode: snippet -*-
      Zimpl # $Id: queens3.zpl,v 1.3 2009/09/13 16:15:53 bzfkocht Exp $
      Filebench WML #
      chevrotain "use strict"
      ARM Templates "properties": {
      Textile """
      Module Management System !
      v8torque macro LoadDataViewUint32(buffer: JSArrayBuffer, offset: intptr,
      Makefile edit : main.o kbd.o command.o display.o \
      OpenSCAD cube(5);
      Meta Expressions [1;2;3]
      tampio Pienen luvun kertoma on
      mmix LOC Data_Segment
      Gentoo Ebuild Copyright 1999-2018 Gentoo Foundation
      Pep8 BR main
      BibTeX @inproceedings{Gousi13,
      Esoteric Reaction ::= |
      Guix Workflow Language ;;
      z80 ; memcpy --
      DOT // The graph name and the semicolons are optional
      StruQL // Link root page to page of all accounts
      Phel (ns hello-world\boot)
      WebAssembly Text Format (module
      CLIPS (deftemplate car_problem
      Argdown # Welcome to Argdown!
      CodeStudAssembler test al,0x1
      ASCII Armor -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
      Sugar @module helloworld
      Forml hello_world = do
      ca65 Assembly Label: ; A label and a comment

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