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title compilesTo
B3 IR x86-64-isa arm
walt wasm
wah wasm
PRQL sql
Logica sql
Liso s-expressions
Coconut python
prompter praxis-lang
Phel php
Pharen php
Reason ocaml
MoonScript lua
Jammy lua
Rust MIR llvmir
Sweave latex
Knitr latex
UCG json yaml toml xml
Lux javascript java php python r ruby scheme
Z javascript
YoptaScript javascript
Topaz javascript
spider javascript
Scala.js javascript
Rescript javascript
RamdaScript javascript
PureScript javascript
PEG.js javascript
PearScript javascript
Parenscript javascript
Nadesiko javascript
Macchiato javascript
LiteScript javascript
Kal javascript
JS++ javascript
Imba javascript
IcedCoffeeScript javascript
hazel javascript
Ham javascript
GorillaScript javascript
fay javascript
Elm javascript
Earl Grey javascript
Dojo javascript
Dak javascript
cor javascript javascript
ColaScript javascript
CoffeeScript javascript
Coco javascript
ClojureScript javascript
Markdown html
ICETRAN fortran
v8torque csa
Jakt cpp
Nim c cpp objective-c javascript
Vala c
popr c
Nelua c
Mercury c
Low* c
Koka c
Ibuki CL c
EverParse3D c
Alumina c
Alpaca beam-bytecode
Bicep arm-templates

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