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title codeMirror
z80 z80
YAML yaml
XQuery xquery
XML xml
VHDL vhdl
Verilog verilog
Velocity velocity
VBScript vbscript
Twig twig
Tree and Tabular Combined Notation ttcn
Troff troff
tornado tornado
TiddlyWiki tiddlywiki
Textile textile
Tcl tcl
Swift swift
Stylus stylus
SQL sql
SPARQL sparql
Smarty smarty
Smalltalk smalltalk
Sieve mail filtering language sieve
Scheme scheme
Sass sass
Rust rust
Ruby ruby
R r
Q q
Python python
Puppet puppet
Pig Latin pig
PHP php
Perl perl
Pascal pascal
Oz oz
GNU Octave octave
NSIS nsis
Nginx nginx
MUMPS mumps
Modelica modelica
MIRC scripting language mirc
Mathematica mathematica
Markdown markdown
Lua lua
Julia julia
JavaScript javascript
JADE jade
IDL idl
HTTP http
Haxe haxe
Haskell haskell
Handlebars handlebars
HAML haml
Groovy groovy
Go go
GNU Assembler gas
Fortran fortran
Forth forth
Factor factor
Erlang erlang
Elm elm
Eiffel eiffel
ECL ecl
EBNF ebnf
Dylan dylan
Django django
Diff diff
Dart dart
D d
Cypher Query Language cypher
CSS css
CoffeeScript coffeescript
COBOL cobol
CMake cmake
Clojure clojure
clike clike
Brainfuck brainfuck
Asterisk asterisk
ASN.1 asn-1
APL apl

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