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Z++ - Programming language

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Z++ is a programming language created in 1991.

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Z++ is also a version of the C++ programming language (not to be confused with Z++ that this article is about).Z++ (pronounced zee plus plus) was an object-oriented extension to the Z specification language. Z++ is an object-oriented extension to the Z specification language, allowing for the definition of classes, and the relation of classes through inheritance, association or aggregation. The primary construct of Z++ is a class. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
CLASS ClassName [OWNS List_of_attributes] [FUNCTIONS constant_definitions] [TYPE type_declaration] [ENTENDS list_of_super_classes] [OPERATIONS list_of_state_change_operations_definitions] [RETURNS list_of_query_operations_definitions] [ACTIONS all_operations_declarations] [INVARIANT predicates] [HISTORY RTL_predicates] END CLASS

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