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xTAO Modeling Language

xTAO Modeling Language - Xml format

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xTAO Modeling Language is a xml format created in 2005.

#1634on PLDB 18Years Old

Enabling a declarative approach to the specification of multi-agent systems

Example from the web:
<Goal> <Name>table_comparison</Name> <DesiredState> <Description> <Name>compareOK</Name> <LanguageName>TAOLanguage</LanguageName> <Data>srcTable EQ destTable | srcTable NEQ destTable | NO</Data> </Description> </DesiredState> <Params> <Description> <Name>srcTable</Name> <LanguageName/> <Data/> </Description> <Description> <Name>destTable</Name> <LanguageName/> <Data/> </Description> </Params> </Goal>

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