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Text Executive Programming Language

Text Executive Programming Language - Programming language

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Text Executive Programming Language is a programming language created in 1979.

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In 1979, Honeywell Information Systems announced a new programming language for their time-sharing service named TEX, an acronym for the Text Executive text processing system. TEX was a first generation scripting language, developed around the time of AWK and used by Honeywell initially as an in-house system test automation tool. TEX extended the Honeywell Time-Sharing service (TSS) line editor with programmable capabilities which allowed the user greater latitude in developing ease-of-use editing extensions as well as write scripts to automate many other time-sharing tasks formerly done by more complex TSS FORTRAN programs.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Riju:
\message{Hello, world!}
Example from Wikipedia:
_ lastly we subs in x,y,z and then evaluate the goto mypgm_1_2!label_3 which does an interfile goto goto mycat/mypgm_?x?_?y?!label_?z?

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