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specrtl - Programming language

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specrtl is a programming language created in 2011.

#2273on PLDB 12Years Old

specRTL (Spec Register Transfer Language) is a language designed to replace the existing RTL form machine descriptions which along with C Code forms the backend of GCC.

Example from the web:
concrete *cmp_ccno_1.insn instantiates set_compare { root(reg(NULL:FLAGS_REG),0=nonimmediate_operand:SWI:",?m", 1=const0_operand:SWI:""); } {: "ix86_match_ccmode (insn, CCNOmode)" "@ test{}\t%0, %0 cmp{}\t{%1, %0|%0,%1}" [(set_attr "type" "test,icmp") (set_attr "length_immediate" "0,1") (set_attr "mode" "")] :}

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