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SNOOP - Programming language

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SNOOP is a programming language created in 1988.

#1981on PLDB 35Years Old

"Snoop" is a noun and verb referring to one who pries into the business of others; a busybody; it may also refer to: In aviation: Eastern Ultralights Snoop, a family of ultralight aircraftIn entertainment: Snoop Dogg, an American rapper, actor and music producer Snoop (The Wire), a character in the television series The Wire Felicia Pearson, also nicknamed "Snoop", the actress who plays the aforementioned character of the same name Snoopy, a famous character in the comic strip PeanutsIn technology: snoop (software), a utility to capture and inspect network packets, included with the Solaris operating system Bus snooping in a microprocessor's cache coherency mechanism. Read more on Wikipedia...

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