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Short Code computer language

Short Code computer language - Programming language

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Short Code computer language is a programming language created in 1949.

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Short Code was one of the first higher-level languages ever developed for an electronic computer. Unlike machine code, Short Code statements represented mathematic expressions rather than a machine instruction. Also known as an automatic programming, the source code was not compiled but executed through an interpreter to simplify the programming process; the execution time was much slower though.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
X3 = ( X1 + Y1 ) / X1 * Y1 substitute variables X3 03 09 X1 07 Y1 02 04 X1 Y1 substitute operators and parentheses. Note multiplication is represented by juxtaposition. 07Y10204X1Y1 group into 12-byte words. 0000X30309X1

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