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S/SL - Programming language

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S/SL is a programming language created in 1980.

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The Syntax/Semantic Language (S/SL) is an executable high level specification language for recursive descent parsers, semantic analyzers and code generators developed by James Cordy, Ric Holt and David Wortman at the University of Toronto in 1980.S/SL is a small programming language that supports cheap recursion and defines input, output, and error token names (& values), semantic mechanisms (class interfaces whose methods are really escapes to routines in a host programming language but allow good abstraction in the pseudocode) and a pseudocode program that defines the syntax of the input language by the token stream the program accepts. Alternation, control flow and one-symbol look-ahead constructs are part of the language. The S/SL processor compiles this pseudocode into a table (byte-codes) that is interpreted by the S/SL table-walker (interpreter). Read more on Wikipedia...

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