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RTL/2 - Programming language

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RTL/2 is a programming language created in 1972 by John Barnes.

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RTL/2 was a high-level programming language developed at Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd by J.G.P. Barnes. It was originally used internally within ICI but was distributed by SPL International in 1974 It was designed for use in real-time computing (hence the initials RTL = real-time language). Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
RTL/2 Ref 1 - Language Specification RTL/2 Ref 2 - Introduction to RTL/2 RTL/2 Ref 3 - RTL/2 Training Manual RTL/2 Ref 4 - System Standards RTL/2 Ref 5 - Stream I/O RTL/2 Ref 18 - Hints on writing RTL/2 Programs RTL/2 Ref 26 - Language Reference Card RTL/2 Ref 39 - Run time environment on the PDP-11 RTL/2 Ref 63 - User Manual for the PDP-11 under RSX-11M RTL/2 Ref 107- VAX/VMS RTL/2 User Manual RTL/2 REF 130- The RTL/2 32 bit run time environment on the VAX

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