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Reactive Plan Language

Reactive Plan Language - Programming language

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Reactive Plan Language is a programming language created in 1993.

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RPL (Reactive Plan Language) belongs to the family of notations for writing reactive plans for agents (e.g., robots) (Davis 1984, Ingrand and George 1990, Lyons 1990a,b, Gat 1991). Its immediate ancestor is Firby's (1987, 1989) RAP notation. Many of Firby's concepts have been carried over, but there are some differences

Example from the web:
(DEF-INTERP-PROC LOOK-FOR (PL) (LOOK-FOR-PROPS PL) (WAIT-FOR VISUAL-INPUT*) (SEEN-OB-DESIGS PL) ) ; Returns a list of desigs (Section 1.7), one for every object seen. (DEFFUNC SEEN-OB-DESIGS - (LST desig) (PL - (LST (LRCD symbol obj))) (FOR (I IN OB-POSITIONS*) (SAVE (CREATE-DESIG "Perceived object" ;Desig wil l print like: !:|Perceived object203| (CONS (LIST 'LOC I) (<# ( (X) (LIST (CAR X) (CADR X))) PL)) ;Design property list ))))

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
; A comment
Line Comments ;
; A comment
Semantic Indentation X

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