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relax - Grammar language

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relax is a grammar language created in 2000 by Makoto Murata.

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RELAX (REgular LAnguage description for XML) is a specification for describing XML-based languages. XHTML 1.0, for example, can be described in RELAX. A description written in RELAX is called a RELAX grammar. An XML document can be verified against a RELAX grammar. Compared with DTD(Document Type Definition), RELAX has new features: RELAX grammars are represented in the XML instance syntax. RELAX borrows rich datatypes of XML Schema Part 2. RELAX is namespace-aware

Example from the web:
<module moduleVersion="1.2" relaxCoreVersion="1.0" targetNamespace="" xmlns=""> <interface> <export label="doc"/> </interface> <elementRule role="doc"> <sequence> <ref label="title"/> <ref label="para" occurs="*"/> </sequence> </elementRule> <elementRule role="para"> <mixed> <ref label="em" occurs="*"/> </mixed> </elementRule> <elementRule role="title"> <mixed> <ref label="em" occurs="*"/> </mixed> </elementRule> <elementRule role="em" type="string"/> <tag name="doc"/> <tag name="para"> <attribute name="class" type="NMTOKEN"/> </tag> <tag name="title"> <attribute name="class" type="NMTOKEN"/> <attribute name="number" required="true" type="integer"/> </tag> <tag name="em"/> </module>

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