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Recfiles - Data notation

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Recfiles is a data notation created in 1994 by Jose E. Marchesi.

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recfiles is a file format for human-editable, plain text databases. Databases using this file format can be edited using any text editor. recfiles allow for basic relational database operations, typing, auto-incrementing, as well as a simple join operation. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
%rec: Book %mandatory: Title %type: Location enum loaned home unknown %doc: + A book in my personal collection. Title: GNU Emacs Manual Author: Richard M. Stallman Publisher: FSF Location: home Title: The Colour of Magic Author: Terry Pratchett Location: loaned Title: Mio Cid Author: Anonymous Location: home Title: administration guide Author: Nacho Gonzalez Author: Jose E. Marchesi Location: unknown Title: Yeelong User Manual Location: home

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
Line Comments #
# A comment
# Blah blah…
# Unlike some file formats, comments in recfiles must be complete lines. You cannot start a comment in the middle of a line.
Semantic Indentation X

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