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Quake - Programming language

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Quake is a programming language created in 2001.

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Quake is a simple, specialized language and its interpreter drawing on elements of the C language, the Bourne shell, and the C pre-processor. The cm3 compiler includes a quake interpreter as its extension language. In fact, the configuration file, cm3.cfg, and m3makefiles are quake scripts. Quake was designed to be a simple extension language for the builder. Building a complete, general-purpose language was not one of the goals. Cm3 calls out to quake every time it needs to do something that needs to be specialized such as compiling C files or linking.

Example from the web:
proc simple(prefix, suffix) is q = prefix & "." & suffix end
Example from Linguist:
include(ROOT & "/m3overrides") M3_FRONT_FLAGS += "-vsdebug" _M3BUNDLE_OVERRIDE = "T"

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