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Processing - Programming language

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Processing is a programming language created in 2001.

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Processing is an open source computer programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts, new media art, and visual design communities with the purpose of teaching the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual context, and to serve as the foundation for electronic sketchbooks. The project was initiated in 2001 by Casey Reas and Benjamin Fry, both formerly of the Aesthetics and Computation Group at the MIT Media Lab. In 2012, they started the Processing Foundation along with Daniel Shiffman, who joined as a third project lead. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from hello-world:
size(128, 128); background(0); textAlign(CENTER, CENTER); fill(255); text("Hello World", width / 2, height / 2);
// Hello world in Processing println( "Hello world!" );
Example from Linguist:
/** * Shape Primitives. * * The basic shape primitive functions are triangle(), * rect(), quad(), ellipse(), and arc(). Squares are made * with rect() and circles are made with ellipse(). Each * of these functions requires a number of parameters to * determine the shape's position and size. */ void setup() { size(640, 360); background(0); noStroke(); } void draw() { fill(204); triangle(18, 18, 18, 360, 81, 360); fill(102); rect(81, 81, 63, 63); fill(204); quad(189, 18, 216, 18, 216, 360, 144, 360); fill(255); ellipse(252, 144, 72, 72); fill(204); triangle(288, 18, 351, 360, 288, 360); fill(255); arc(479, 300, 280, 280, PI, TWO_PI); }
Example from Wikipedia:
PShape usa; PShape state; String [] Obama = { "HI", "RI", "CT", "MA", "ME", "NH", "VT", "NY", "NJ", "FL", "NC", "OH", "IN", "IA", "CO", "NV", "PA", "DE", "MD", "MI", "WA", "CA", "OR", "IL", "MN", "WI", "DC", "NM", "VA" }; String [] McCain = { "AK", "GA", "AL", "TN", "WV", "KY", "SC", "WY", "MT", "ID", "TX", "AZ", "UT", "ND", "SD", "NE", "MS", "MO", "AR", "OK", "KS", "LA" }; void setup() { size(950, 600); // The file "Blank US Map (states only).svg" can be found at Wikimedia Commons usa = loadShape("!Blank_US_Map_(states_only).svg"); smooth(); // Improves the drawing quality of the SVG noLoop(); } void draw() { background(255); // Draw the full map shape(usa, 0, 0); // Blue denotes states won by Obama statesColoring(Obama , color(0, 0, 255)); // Red denotes states won by McCain statesColoring(McCain, color(255, 0, 0)); // Save the map as image saveFrame("map output.png"); } void statesColoring(String[] states, int c){ for (int i = 0; i < states.length; ++i) { PShape state = usa.getChild(states[i]); // Disable the colors found in the SVG file state.disableStyle(); // Set our own coloring fill(c); noStroke(); // Draw a single state shape(state, 0, 0); } }

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