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Perl 6

Perl 6 - Programming language

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Perl 6 is an open source programming language created in 2015 by Larry Wall.

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Perl 6 (also known as Raku) is a member of the Perl family of programming languages.While historically several interpreter and compiler implementations were being written, today only the Rakudo Perl 6 implementation is in active development. It is introducing elements of many modern and historical languages. Compatibility with Perl 5 is not a goal, though a compatibility mode is part of the specification. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Linguist:
# used in t/spec/S11-modules/nested.t BEGIN { @*INC.push('t/spec/packages') }; module A::A { use A::B; } # vim: ft=perl6
Example from Wikipedia:
multi sub hanoi(0, $, $, $) { } # No disk, so do not do anything multi sub hanoi($n, $a = 'A', $b = 'B', $c = 'C') { # Start with $n disks and three pegs A, B, C hanoi $n - 1, $a, $c, $b; # firstly move top $n - 1 disks from A to B say "Move disk $n from peg $a to peg $c"; # then move last disk from A to C hanoi $n - 1, $b, $a, $c; # lastly move $n - 1 disks from B to C }

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