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METAFONT - Application

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METAFONT is an open source application created in 1977.

#848on PLDB 46Years Old

Metafont is a description language used to define raster fonts. It is also the name of the interpreter that executes Metafont code, generating the bitmap fonts that can be embedded into e.g. PostScript. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
%file name: %mode_setup; % Define a beanlike shape for the character B beginchar("B",11pt#,11pt#,0); % Setup coordinates as an equation system y1=y2=y3=0; y4=y5=y6=h; x1=x4=0; x2=x5=w; x3=x6=2*w; % Define pen pickup pencircle xscaled 0.2w yscaled 0.04w rotated 45; % Draw the character curve draw z1..z3..z6{z2-z6}..z5..{z4-z2}z4..cycle; endchar; end

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