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LUCID - Programming language

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LUCID is a programming language created in 1976 by Edward A. Ashcroft and William W. Wadge.

#1216on PLDB 47Years Old

Lucid is a dataflow programming language designed to experiment with non-von Neumann programming models. It was designed by Bill Wadge and Ed Ashcroft and described in the 1985 book Lucid, the Dataflow Programming Language. pLucid was the first interpreter for Lucid.. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
h where h = 1 fby merge(merge(2 * h, 3 * h), 5 * h); merge(x,y) = if xx <= yy then xx else yy fi where xx = x upon xx <= yy; yy = y upon yy <= xx; end; end;

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