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Laning and Zierler system

Laning and Zierler system - Programming language

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Laning and Zierler system is a programming language created in 1953.

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The Laning and Zierler system (sometimes called "George" by its users) was one of the first operating algebraic compilers, that is, a system capable of accepting mathematical formulae in algebraic notation and producing equivalent machine code (the term compiler had not yet been invented and the system was referred to as "an interpretive program"). It was implemented in 1952 for the MIT WHIRLWIND by J. Halcombe Laning and Neal Zierler. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
1 x = 0, z = 1 - x2/2 + x4/2路3路4 - x6/2路3路4路5路6 + x8/2路3路4路5路6路7路8 - x10/2路3路4路5路6路7路8路9路10,

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