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iScript - Programming language

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iScript is a programming language created in 2008.

#2699on PLDB 15Years Old

Servertec has announced iScript, a platform independent scripting language written in Java, for creating scalable, server-side, object-oriented, n-Tier enterprise solutions. The iScript scripting language features platform independence, object-oriented architecture, web-server integration, support for Common Gateway Interface (CGI), dynamic content generator, static content preprocessor, make facility, just-in-time pcode generator and caching, Java API wrappers and open component API. Servertec will be releasing the iScript Developer Kit, which integrates the iScript scripting language, documentation and examples to the public. Web site developers can use this kit to create and maintain dynamic, data driven and static web sites. iScript preview release is available for free at The final release of iScript is scheduled to ship in the second half of 1998. Final pricing details have yet to be announced.

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