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Information Presentation Facility

Information Presentation Facility - Programming language

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Information Presentation Facility, aka Information Presentation Facility, is a programming language created in 1997.

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Information Presentation Facility (IPF) is a system for presenting online help and hypertext on IBM OS/2 systems. IPF also refers to the markup language that is used to create IPF content. The IPF language has its origins in BookMaster and Generalized Markup Language developed by IBM. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
.* This is a comment line :userdoc. :title.Endangered Mammals :h1 res=001.The Manatee :p. The manatee has a broad flat tail and two flipper like forelegs. There are no back legs. The manatee's large upper lip is split in two and can be used like fingers to place food into the mouth. Bristly hair protrudes from its lips, and almost buried in its hide are small eyes, with which it can barely see. :euserdoc.
Example from Wikipedia:
:lm margin=2.:font facename=Helv size=24x10. :p.:hp8.Welcome to PM123聽!:ehp8. :font facename=Helv size=16x8. :p.:p. Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of digital music on OS/2. First we must congratulate you for choosing the best MPEG-audio player available for OS/2! PM123 has been in development since beginning of 1997 and has become the most advanced player on OS/2. Some of you may have used the earlier betas of PM123 and for your convenience, here are the new features in this release: .br :ul compact. :li. New skin options, allowing PM123 to be modified to just about anything. :li. Graphical聽:hp2.equalizer:ehp2., including pre-amplification and band mute. :li. Support for plugins, a聽:hp2.spectrum analyzer:ehp2. and聽:hp2.oscilloscope:ehp2. plugin. :li.聽:hp2.Playlist Manager:ehp2. for users, allowing easier managing of playlists. :li. Better HTTP streaming support: support for URLs in playlist, and M3Us for playlists. :li. Recursive directory adding. :li. Commandline and remote control of PM123. :li. General improvements in all parts of the player. :eul. .br .br :p.

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