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HXML - Application

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HXML is an application created in 2009.

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Haxe compiler arguments can be stored in a .hxml file and can be executed with haxe . In hxml it is possible to use newlines and comments which makes it easier to maintain Haxe build configurations. It is possible to supply more arguments after the hxml file, e.g. haxe build.hxml -debug.

Example from the web:
-cp src -dce full --each -js bin/homepage.js -main website.HomePage --next -js bin/gallery.js -main website.GalleryPage --next -js bin/contact.js -main website.ContactPage
Example from Linguist:
buildGlobal.hxml -lib mcover:2.1.1 -D unittest -x TestMain --macro mcover.MCover.coverage(['checkstyle'], ['src'], ['checkstyle.reporter', 'checkstyle.Main']) --next -cmd neko run -s src -s test -p resources/static-analysis.txt -cmd neko run --default-config resources/default-config.json -cmd neko run -c resources/default-config.json

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