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hakaru - Programming language

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hakaru is a programming language created in 2014.

Source code:
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#1287on PLDB 9Years Old

Hakaru is a simply-typed probabilistic programming language, designed for easy specification of probabilistic models and inference algorithms. This type of language is useful for the development of machine learning algorithms and stochastic modeling.

Example from the web:
def pulls(strength real): normal(strength, 1) def winner(a real, b real): a_pull <~ pulls(a) b_pull <~ pulls(b) return (a_pull > b_pull) alice <~ normal(0,1) bob <~ normal(0,1) carol <~ normal(0,1) match1 <~ winner(alice, bob) match2 <~ winner(bob, carol) match3 <~ winner(alice, carol)

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