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EuLisp - Programming language

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EuLisp is a programming language created in 1985.

#180on PLDB 38Years Old

EuLisp is a statically and dynamically scoped Lisp dialect developed by a loose formation of industrial and academic Lisp users and developers from around Europe. The standardizers intended to create a new Lisp "less encumbered by the past" (compared to Common Lisp), and not so minimalist as Scheme. Another objective was to integrate the object-oriented programming paradigm well. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
(defmodule hanoi (syntax (syntax-0) import (level-0) export (hanoi)) ;;;------------------------------------------------- ;;; Tower definition ;;;------------------------------------------------- (defconstant *max-tower-height* 10) (defclass <tower> () ((id reader: tower-id keyword: id:) (blocks accessor: tower-blocks))) (defun build-tower (x n) (labels ((loop (i res) (if (= i 0) res (loop (- i 1) (cons i res))))) ((setter tower-blocks) x (loop n ())) x)) (defmethod generic-print ((x <tower>) (s <stream>)) (sformat s "#<tower ~a: ~a>" (tower-id x) (tower-blocks x))) ;;;------------------------------------------------- ;;; Access to tower blocks ;;;------------------------------------------------- (defgeneric push (x y)) (defmethod push ((x <tower>) (y <fpi>)) (let ((blocks (tower-blocks x))) (if (or (null? blocks) (< y (car blocks))) ((setter tower-blocks) x (cons y blocks)) (error <condition> (fmt "cannot push block of size ~a on tower ~a" y x))))) (defgeneric pop (x)) (defmethod pop ((x <tower>)) (let ((blocks (tower-blocks x))) (if blocks (progn ((setter tower-blocks) x (cdr blocks)) (car blocks)) (error <condition> (fmt "cannot pop block from empty tower ~a" x))))) ;;;------------------------------------------------- ;;; Move n blocks from tower x1 to tower x2 using x3 as buffer ;;;------------------------------------------------- (defgeneric move (n x1 x2 x3)) (defmethod move ((n <fpi>) (x1 <tower>) (x2 <tower>) (x3 <tower>)) (if (= n 1) (progn (push x2 (pop x1)) (print x1 nl x2 nl x3 nl nl)) (progn (move (- n 1) x1 x3 x2) (move 1 x1 x2 x3) (move (- n 1) x3 x2 x1)))) ;;;------------------------------------------------- ;;; Initialize and run the 'Towers of Hanoi' ;;;------------------------------------------------- (defun hanoi () (let ((x1 (make <tower> id: 0)) (x2 (make <tower> id: 1)) (x3 (make <tower> id: 2))) (build-tower x1 *max-tower-height*) (build-tower x2 0) (build-tower x3 0) (print x1 nl x2 nl x3 nl nl) (move *max-tower-height* x1 x2 x3))) (hanoi) ;;;------------------------------------------------- ) ;; End of module hanoi ;;;-------------------------------------------------

Language features

Feature Supported Token Example
; A comment
Line Comments ;
; A comment
Multiple Inheritance
Semantic Indentation X

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