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EEX - Template language

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EEX is a template language created in 2012.

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EEx stands for Embedded Elixir. It allows you to embed Elixir code inside a string in a robust way.

Example from the web:
<%= if true do %> It is obviously true <% else %> This will never appear <% end %>
Example from Linguist:
<h1>Listing Books</h1> <table> <tr> <th>Title</th> <th>Summary</th> <th></th> <th></th> <th></th> </tr> <%= for book <- @books do %> <tr> <%# comment %> <td><%= book.title %></td> <td><%= book.content %></td> <td><%= link "Show", to: book_path(@conn, :show, book) %></td> <td><%= link "Edit", to: book_path(@conn, :edit, book) %></td> <td><%= link "Delete", to: book_path(@conn, :delete, book), method: :delete, data: [confirm: "Are you sure?"] %></td> </tr> <% end %> </table> <br /> <%= link "New book", to: book_path(@conn, :new) %>

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