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desktop - Application

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desktop is an application created in 2008.

#1093on PLDB 15Years Old

Example from the web:
[Desktop Entry] # The type as listed above Type=Application # The version of the desktop entry specification to which this file complies Version=1.0 # The name of the application Name=jMemorize # A comment which can/will be used as a tooltip Comment=Flash card based learning tool # The path to the folder in which the executable is run Path=/opt/jmemorise # The executable of the application, possibly with arguments. Exec=jmemorize # The name of the icon that will be used to display this entry Icon=jmemorize # Describes whether this application needs to be run in a terminal or not Terminal=false # Describes the categories in which this entry should be shown Categories=Education;Languages;Java;
Example from Linguist:
# [Desktop Entry] Version=1.0 Type=Application Name=Foo Viewer Comment=The best viewer for Foo objects available! TryExec=fooview Exec=fooview %F Icon=fooview MimeType=image/x-foo; Actions=Gallery;Create; [Desktop Action Gallery] Exec=fooview --gallery Name=Browse Gallery [Desktop Action Create] Exec=fooview --create-new Name=Create a new Foo! Icon=fooview-new

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