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DAP FORTRAN - Programming language

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DAP FORTRAN is a programming language created in 1975.

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DAP FORTRAN was an extension of the non IO parts of FORTRAN with constructs that supported parallel computing for the ICL Distributed Array Processor (DAP). The DAP had a Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) architecture with 64x64 single bit processors. DAP FORTRAN had the following major features: It had matrix and vector operations. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
C Multiply vector by matrix REAL M(,), V(), R() R = SUM(M*MATR(A)) C Converge to a Laplace potential in an area REAL P(,), OLD_P(,) LOGICAL INSIDE(,) DO 1 K = 1, ITERATIONS OLD_P = P P(INSIDE) = 0.25*(P(,+)+P(,-)+P(+,)+P(-,)) IF (MAX(ABS(P-OLD_P)) .LT. EPS) RETURN 1 CONTINUE

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