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CLiX markup

CLiX markup - Xml format

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CLiX markup is a xml format created in 1998.

#2413on PLDB 25Years Old

Constraint Language in XML (CLiX) used to constrain the content of XML documents. It is based on first order logic and XPath, and its purpose is to enable the specification of constraints on the structure and content of XML documents. CLiX constraints can be used both to constraint documents internally and to execute inter-document checks between a number of documents. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from the web:
<forall var="dates" in="//fpml:calculationPeriodDates> <less op1="$dates/fpml:effectiveDate/fpml:unadjustedDate" op2="$dates/fpml:terminationDate/fpml:unadjustedDate"/> </forall>

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