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BrightScript - Programming language

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BrightScript is a programming language created in 2008.

#1718on PLDB 15Years Old

BrightScript is a powerful scripting language for building media and networked applications for embedded devices. This language features integrated support for a lightweight library of BrightScript objects, which are used to expose the API of the platform (device) that is running BrightScript. The BrightScript language connects generalized script functionality with underlying components for networking, media playback, UI screens, and interactive interfaces; BrightScript is optimized for generating user-friendly applications with minimal programmer effort. Now part of Roku.

Example from the web:
REM REM The game of Snake REM demonstrates BrightScript programming concepts REM June 22, 2008 REM REM Every BrightScript program must have a single Main() REM Sub Main() game_board=newGameBoard() While true game_board.SetSnake(newSnake(game_board.StartX(), game_board.StartY())) game_board.Draw() game_board.EventLoop() if game_board.GameOver() then ExitWhile End While End Sub

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