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Blacklight - Programming language

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Blacklight is a programming language created in 2015 by Anthony M. Cook.

Source code:
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#1479on PLDB 8Years Old

blacklight is a general-pupose multithreading concatenative stack-based programming language with first-class queues and objects with delegation.

Example from the web:
newq newq ;; create send and receive queues [ [ deq ;; will block if the queue is empty n-to-cv rot swap enq ;; convert number into a cv (string) and send back swap ;; reorder queues so we can loop without confusion ] loop ;; using loop since it goes forever ] work ;; start new thread and swap the queues swap ;; bring send queue to top 1 enq 2 enq 3 enq 4 enq ;; send some numbers to be converted 0 [ 1 add ] [ 1000 eq ] until drop ;; give the main thread busywork swap q-to-v ;; get contents of receive Q as V print ;; display contents of V

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