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BML - Xml format

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BML, aka Behavior Markup Language, is a xml format created in 2007.

#2165on PLDB 16Years Old

Example from the web:
<bml> <speech id=”s1” type=”application/ssml+xml”> <text>This is an <mark name=”wb3”> example</text> </speech> <head id=”h1” type=”NOD” stroke=”s1:start”/> <gesture id=”g1” stroke=”s1:wb3” relax=”s1:end” type=”BEAT”> <description level=”1” type=”MURML”>... </description> </gesture> <gaze id=”z1” target=”PERSON1” stroke=”g1:stroke-0.1”/> <body id=”p1” posture=”RELAXED” start=”after(s1:end)”/> <cadia:operate target=”SWITCH1” stroke=”p1:ready”/> </bml>

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