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BEAM Erlang virtual machine

BEAM Erlang virtual machine - Virtual machine

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BEAM Erlang virtual machine, aka Bogdan's Erlang Abstract Machine, is a virtual machine created in 2011 by Bogumil Hausman.

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BEAM is the virtual machine at the core of the Erlang Open Telecom Platform (OTP). BEAM is part of the Erlang Run-Time System (ERTS), which compiles Erlang and Elixir source code into bytecode, which is then executed on the BEAM. BEAM bytecode files have the .beam file extension.Originally BEAM was short for Bogdan's Erlang Abstract Machine, named after Bogumil "Bogdan" Hausman, who wrote the original version, but the name may also be referred to as Bj枚rn's Erlang Abstract Machine, after Bj枚rn Gustavsson, who wrote and maintains the current version. Read more on Wikipedia...

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