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BARE - Interface design language

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BARE is an interface design language created in 2020.

#1148on PLDB 3Years Old

BARE is a simple binary representation for structured application data.

Example from the web:
type PublicKey data[128] type Time str # ISO 8601 type Department enum { ACCOUNTING ADMINISTRATION CUSTOMER_SERVICE DEVELOPMENT # Reserved for the CEO JSMITH = 99 } type Address list<str>[4] # street, city, state, country type Customer struct { name: str email: str address: Address orders: list<struct { orderId: i64 quantity: i32 }> metadata: map<str><data> } type Employee struct { name: str email: str address: Address department: Department hireDate: Time publicKey: optional<PublicKey> metadata: map<str><data> } type TerminatedEmployee void type Person union {Customer | Employee | TerminatedEmployee}
type enum u8 u16 u32 u64 uint i8 i16 i32 i64 int f32 f64 bool void data string optional map

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