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The URL for the official PLDB site is DNS will take that domain name and send your browser an IPv4 address. Your browser will send a request to that address which will reach our virtual server running Nginx (nicknamed Marconi) running in a Digital Ocean datacenter. Marconi will send you the HTML, CSS, Javascript, PNGs, SVGs and JSON that make up the built website.

In case there's a problem with Marconi, you should be able to access the exact same site locally by downloading the source from GitHub.

If Marconi AND GitHub were to go down at the same time...well that's why it's good to regularly download the entire source code of the site to your own machine! You can do that with:

git clone # Then to keep it updated: cd pldb git pull

We have another server running at Digital Ocean named Build that serves Build serves the site and also let's you easily edit the database right in your web browser. If Build is flakey, it's recommended you just submit your changes to the PLDB repo using the normal GitHub UI.

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