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Type Casting

Type Casting

Type Casting is a language feature.

Changing an expression from one data type to another.

Languages with Type Casting include C, C#, MATLAB, TypeScript

Example from C:

double da = 3.3; double db = 3.3; double dc = 3.4; int result = (int)da + (int)db + (int)dc; //result == 9

Example from C#:

Animal animal = new Cat(); Bulldog b = (Bulldog) animal; // if (animal is Bulldog), stat.type(animal) is Bulldog, else an exception b = animal as Bulldog; // if (animal is Bulldog), b = (Bulldog) animal, else b = null animal = null; b = animal as Bulldog; // b == null

Example from MATLAB:

b = cast(a, 'like', p)

Example from TypeScript:


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