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TRAC, aka Text Reckoning And Compiling, is a programming language created in 1964 by Calvin Mooers.

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TRAC (for Text Reckoning And Compiling) Language is a programming language developed between 1959-1964 by Calvin Mooers and implemented on a PDP-10 in 1964 by L. Peter Deutsch. It was one of three "first languages" recommended by Ted Nelson in Computer Lib. Read more on Wikipedia...

Books about TRAC on goodreads

title author year reviews ratings rating
Managing Software Development with Trac and Subversion David J. Murphy 2007 0 5 2.60

Books about TRAC from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Trac (programming Language) Surhone and Lambert M. and Timpledon and Miriam T. and Marseken and Susan F. 2010
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