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Parrot is a virtual machine created in 2002.

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Parrot is a register-based process virtual machine designed to run dynamic languages efficiently. It is possible to compile Parrot assembly language and PIR (an intermediate language) to Parrot bytecode and execute it. Parrot is free and open source software.Parrot was started by the Perl community and is developed with help from the open source and free software communities. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from Wikipedia:
.sub 'main' :main $I1 = 4 inc $I1 # $I1 is now 5 $I1 += 2 # $I1 is now 7 $N1 = 42.0 dec $N1 # $N1 is now 41.0 $N1 -= 2.0 # $N1 now 39.0 print $I1 print ', ' print $N1 print "\n" .end
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