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Oxygene is a pl created in 2002.

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Oxygene (formerly known as Chrome) is a programming language developed by RemObjects Software for Microsoft's Common Language Infrastructure, the Java Platform and Cocoa. Oxygene is Object Pascal-based, but also has influences from C#, Eiffel, Java, F# and other languages. Compared to the now deprecated Delphi.NET, Oxygene does not emphasize total backward compatibility, but is designed to be a "reinvention" of the language, be a good citizen on the managed development platforms, and leverage all the features and technologies provided by the .NET and Java runtimes. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from hello-world:
implementation class method ConsoleApp.Main; begin Console.WriteLine('Hello World'); end; end.
Example from Wikipedia:
Type: System.Int32 -> a = 23, b = 15 -> a = 15, b = 23 Type: System.String -> a = abc, b = def -> a = def, b = abc Type: System.Double -> a = 1,1, b = 1,2 -> a = 1,2, b = 1,1

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
'Hello world'
Print() Debugging Console.WriteLine

Books about Oxygene from ISBNdb

title authors year publisher
Oxygene (programming Language) Surhone and Lambert M. and Timpledon and Miriam T. and Marseken and Susan F. 2010
Pascal Programming Language Family: Oxygene Books and LLC
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