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MMX instruction set

MMX instruction set

MMX instruction set is an isa created in 1997.

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MMX is a single instruction, multiple data (SIMD) instruction set designed by Intel, introduced in 1997 with its P5-based Pentium line of microprocessors, designated as "Pentium with MMX Technology". It developed out of a similar unit introduced on the Intel i860, and earlier the Intel i750 video pixel processor. MMX is a processor supplementary capability that is supported on recent IA-32 processors by Intel and other vendors. Read more on Wikipedia...

Books about MMX instruction set on goodreads

title author year reviews ratings rating
Programming with Intel Wireless MMX Technology: A Developer's Guide to Mobile Multimedia Applications Nigel C. Paver 2004 0 0 0.0
DirectX(R), Rdx, Rsx, and MMX(TM) Technology: A Jumpstart Guide to High Performance APIs [With Includes DirectX Software Development Kit...] Rohan Coelho 1997 0 1 3.00
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