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LIFE is a programming language created in 1987.

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Publications about LIFE from Semantic Scholar

title authors year citations influentialCitations
Statistical Inference on Associated Fertility Life Parameters Using Jackknife Technique: Computational Aspects A. D. Maia and A. J. Luiz and C. Campanhola 2000 762 66
Using Second Life for Problem Based Learning in computer science programming M. Esteves and B. Fonseca and Leonel Morgado and P. Martins 2009 44 3
The Life of a Logic Programming System V. S. Costa 2008 17 2
Bioclipse-R: integrating management and visualization of life science data with statistical analysis O. Spjuth and V. Georgiev and L. Carlsson and Jonathan Alvarsson and Arvid Berg and Egon Willighagen and J. Wikberg and M. Eklund 2012 13 0
Is Life Unique? D. L. Abel 2011 12 0
Applying an MVC Framework for The System Development Life Cycle with Waterfall Model Extended W. Hardyanto and A. Purwinarko and F. Sujito and Masturi and D. Alighiri 2017 12 1
Introducing Programming Skills for Life Science Students D. Mariano and Pedro M. Martins and Lucianna Helene Santos and R. de Melo-Minardi 2019 12 0
A Review of Linden Scripting Language and Its Role in Second Life R. Cox and P. S. Crowther 2008 11 0
Artificial life programming in the robust-first attractor D. Ackley and E. Ackley 2015 7 0
The ulam Programming Language for Artificial Life D. Ackley and E. Ackley 2016 6 0
Designing robotic avatars in Second Life - A tool to complement robotics education C. Buiu and Mihai Gansari 2014 4 0
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