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Fantom is a pl created in 2005.

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Fantom is a general purpose object-oriented programming language created by Brian and Andy Frank that runs on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), JavaScript, and the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) (.NET support is considered "prototype" status). Its primary design goal is to provide a standard library API that abstracts away the question of whether the code will ultimately run on the JRE or CLR. Like C# and Java, Fantom uses a curly brace syntax. Read more on Wikipedia...

Example from hello-world:
// Hello from Fantom! class HelloWorld { static Void main() { echo("Hello World") } }
Example from Linguist:
/* * Author: Robert Koeninger * License: WTFPL ( */ mixin Expr { abstract Obj? eval() } class Constant : Expr { Obj? value new make(Obj? value) { this.value = value } override Obj? eval() { value } } enum class Op { plus, minus } class Infix : Expr { Op op Expr left Expr right new make(Op op, Expr left, Expr right) { this.op = op this.left = left this.right = right } override Obj? eval() { switch (op) { case return (Int)left.eval() + (Int)right.eval() case Op.minus: return (Int)left.eval() - (Int)right.eval() default: throw Err("undefined Op") } } }
Example from Wikipedia:
// Hello from Fantom! class HelloWorld { static Void main() { echo("Hello, World!") } }

Language features

Feature Supported Example Token
"Hello world"
MultiLine Comments
/* A comment
/* */
Print() Debugging echo
// A comment
Line Comments
// A comment
Semantic Indentation ϴ
java-server-pages.html · fantom.html · sparc.html

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